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Barely Sociable: "Jesus Christ these people are so fucked in the head. This week I’ve received: -Death threats -Been called an “ex soundcloud rapper” -People claimed I was paid off by Roger ver -Had my video censored off r/bitcoin -Been censored off a debate. Now I guess I’m a drug addict."

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Jesus Christ Im pretty new to bitcoin but this roger ver guy is sigh an annoying little bitch. /r/Bitcoin

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Roger Ver is a scumbag

He profits from the decline of cryptocurrencies. We should all be working together. He is a felon who is like the pied piper leading you all to your doom.
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The CEO of MT.Gox, on of the largest Bitcoin exchanges, resigns from Bitcoin foundation. Tune it to see whether this is good news or not.

To provide a little background, anyone following Bitcoin has probably heard about the problems Mt.Gox has been having with their site. Several days ago they halted all transactions. Apparently there is a problem with their code, but Mt.Gox has blamed problems in the Bitcoin protocol. This has led to some pretty hilarious protests.
Last night it was announced that the CEO of Mt.Gox is resigning from the Bitcoin foundation. Many suspect this is going to precede some bad news about Mt.Gox. It's 8:30am EST so that news might be coming soon.
Anyway, let's see what Reddit's reaction to this is:
This is actually good news. I applaud Mark and the MtGox team for making the right decision as I had to do the same. Speaking very lengthy to Mark and the team over the weekend, I see good news on the horizon for people who have funds stuck in MtGox (I also have funds in MtGox stuck) - Charlie +161
Last night I saw this thread and I left it open to maybe write a CB post this morning. At the time, several of the top posts were people saying "this is actually good news!" sarcastically. I was wondering if /bitcoin was becoming a little self aware! Well, I guess not, the 2nd top post is a genuine "this is actually good news" post.
What's also notable is that this post is from Charlie Shrem, who was recently arrested for being involved with Silk Road. He's also the "bitcoin gonna topple gubmits revolution is coming" types.
This is actually good news +61
In all seriousness, it is ... Remember: Bitcoin is a honey badger. This will not kill Bitcoin, it will make it stronger. The demise of poorly run institutions such as Gox will have a negative short term effect upon the economy, but such Darwinism will be good for us in the long term. +30
There's the sarcastic post I was talking about. What's notable is that the top reply to it is serious.
Once again, who had the bad news before the rest of us? Who knew to dump? +28
Inside trader worries are floating around. It's fun to watch Bitcoin invent financial regulation piece by piece, as they discover what each piece is for.
Thanks to everyone who signed the petition. Really pleased with the result today.
The drama from this is spilling into different posts. Here's one about them deleting their tweets
How will MtGox removing a few thousand "Dear Customer blah blah" tweets in any way whatsoever help their legal defence?
...Someone in that cluster fck of a company said to underlings "SHRED IT, SHRED IT ALL!!! AND DELETE ALL THOSE FCKING TWEETS!" Or something like that, we don't know. We do know, however, that the tweets are gone. And I can think of very very few legit reasons to issue that order. So yeah, it raises some eyebrows. It's not sensationalism, it's deductive reasoning. It might be wrong, but you can bet there is some reason we are not aware of that they did this.
le genius redditor using le deductive reasoning :o)
I wonder if he considered that deleting tweets as an effort to get rid of evidence would be laughable, since it's pretty certain that twitter retains a copy that could be subpoenaed. Or, you know, since it's been publicly displayed it has certainly been archived elsewhere. And that plenty of users probably retweeted them...
Makes me think that they deleted the tweets to make it more difficult for anybody to mount a legal case against them when this shit hits the fan. By removing the public tweets, the only way to get them is by a court ordered request to twitter which takes time and resources. Time that Gox can use to build a defence or flee. This move was probably done on advice from a lawyer.
Bad law is all over this thread
They're absolute masters at market manipulation, just see the mad panic sells and buys every time Gox farts.
This is actually just an epic ruse to manipulate the market even further!
It'll be ok... unless you are so overexposed that short term price shocks can hurt you. (or if you had all your coins in MtGox... which is really silly). I feel like a war-torn veteran.
Since bitcoin is going to the moon in the longterm, this doesn't really matter.
Has anybody saved their tweets and public statements?
nsa did.
The is the WSJ article from the first post that was pirated
Just google the first few lines - the resulting link has no paywall. [Gilded]
Guess it cool to steal WSJ articles because they don't take magic internet money.
This is good news. Less duty in the foundation allows for focusing on Mt.Gox - like Roger Ver said.
This is actually bad news. MTGox withdrawing from the bitcoin community? -11
How is this bad news? All they have done is shit on the Bitcoin protocol for weeks, and I can't think of any good they have done. +6
LOL, Jesus Christ /bitcoin. Anyone that thinks a piece of bad news is actually bad news gets downvoted into the fucking dirt. POSITIVE INTERPRETATIONS OF BITCOIN NEWS ONLY!
That's about it for now. Some big Mt.Gox news is sure to break soon. It's going to be catastrophic, so GOOD NEWS!
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Roger Ver is human shit.
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Roger Ver 'Bitcoin Jesus' Reaction Video- You won't ... Roger 'Bitcoin Jesus' Ver on the Wonders of Bitcoin Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Jesus, on Practical Use of BTC Today Roger Ver Interviewed by Crypt0 - Risk Takers #7: Roger Ver - aka

The Biggest Story that may bring trust back for this generation to try bitcoin again is if Armstrong answers why he added Roger Ver’s Bcash during bitcoin mania middle December 2017. Than Roger Ver does the bait and switch so people thought they were buying bitcoin but were really buying Bcash in Ver’s domain Bitcoin.com site. Jesus Christ is the given founder and CEO of the company, according to the website, with Judas Iscariot and Saint Peter named as trustee and public relations officer. Bitcoin XT was created by Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen in an attempt to aggressively increase the blocksize to 8MB. Roger Ver supported it, it never caught on. Around the same time he started ... Roger Ver, sometimes known as Bitcoin Jesus or controversially Bitcoin Anti-Christ or Bitcoin Judas, is the owner of Bitcoin.com, and an investor in many of the world’s largest Bitcoin companies. He started investing in bitcoins in early 2011 and bought his first bitcoins at around $1.00. Roger is an ex-convict. According to two people present at the meeting, Mr. Ver, the libertarian gadfly whose purchase of BTCs for $1 in 2011 earned him the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus” from CNBC, was particularly strong.

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