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ISC Larrabee wird zwar nicht mehr als Grafikkarte erscheinen, aufgegeben wird die Architektur aber nicht. Sie wird in Teilen für Supercomputer verwendet. The main reason for Itanium was to run HP-UX and compete against big names, such as Oracle, using a new IA-64 instruction set. The appeal for the original Itanium parts was support for RAS features, ECC, and cores focus on a wide, parallel architecture - the latest cores support 12-wide execution for example. hackingbear writes "In a bid to reform the tax law and raise person tax exemption to 3000 Yuan per month (or about US$5000 per year,) from 2000 Yuan per month, the Chinese legislature has conducted a massive online vote on the pending legislation. The [National People's Congress] Standing Committee, China's top legislature, on Wednesday publicized suggestions and opinions on amending the Law ... komentáře: relevantní články: Gigabyte ukázal nový EasyTune. Utilita k základním deskám řádně prokoukla (1.5.2013) Novinka: Nabídne Samsung Galaxy Note III osmijádr Read about the latest tech news and developments from our team of experts, who provide updates on the new gadgets, tech products & services on the horizon.

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